Sarah Vendittelli of Thoroughly Curly Designs, specializing in branding, print, and web design for creatively conscious small businesses.
Photo by Hanging on a Moment Photography

Photo by Hanging on a Moment Photography


I'm Sarah of Thoroughly Curly Designs

I’ve always loved a good makeover show--where they take someone who hasn’t found their style, or doesn’t have the time to shop and figure out their look and at the end of the hour, the woman is confident, recharged and ready to be seen! Same with home makeover shows like Fixer Upper; the makeover takes the house from being the most unloved house on the market to the house everyone would want to buy after a visual and functional makeover.

I have a real passion for using my work experience to create branding materials for small businesses that are creatively conscious to bring their personal dreams and missions to life visually. With my years of corporate design and marketing experience, I would love to use my expertise to bring your brand to life.

Ever since I was a child, I’ve always been drawn to design and figuring out how I can put my creative spin on something. My elementary ‘resume’ involves many successful years in the science fair (thanks mom!), but what I loved most about science projects was the presentation board. After completing my experiment, my mom would take us to Hobby Lobby and I would pick out whatever color of poster board I wanted for my tri-fold--no pre-made primarily colored boards here! Then I would coordinate my design with colored markers and construction paper. She always insisted that handwriting it out was better than typing to personalize it. Was my science project really the best or did I just present it the best? I guess we will never know, but I learned early on how important well-thought out design can be for results!

From elementary science projects to pitching PR clients to designing for top brands, I've always had the mindset of:

  • How can I do this differently and be more innovative?

  • How can I make this appeal to my audience in the most functional but fun way?

  • How can I be more clever than the competition?

I’m glad you’re here and I’m ready to be your creative conscious!

Fast (and fun) facts:

  • My hair is naturally curly, and ranges from red to strawberry-blonde (not natural!)

  • I have two little boys, 3 and 5-years old, and now know the names of more superheroes and villains than I ever knew existed

  • I am originally from Oklahoma City but spent a four-year education vacation at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, FL where I met my husband

  • We recently relocated to Lawrence, KS after 9 years in the Northeast, living in Manhattan, NY and the NYC suburbs (Connecticut)